How to trace & erase limiting beliefs

Have you ever heard the saying “what you think about you bring about”? Samzie. I never really knew the full meaning until recently. This is literally the law of attraction in a nutshell! What you think and focus on is what you ATTRACT into your life. One example I love is from The Secret - she talks about how if you wake up in the morning and stub your toe and get all angry you are putting out negative energy. Since you started your day being negative all of a sudden more bad things will start happening because you are expecting it and thus looking for it unconsciously. What you put out into the world, you get back - love, fear, anger, happiness, negativity, positivity, hate, you name it!

If you are putting a lot of lack, negativity or doubt out into the universe its most likely because you’ve got some major limiting beliefs telling you that “there isn’t enough to go around” or “you aren’t good enough for that level of success” AMIRIGHT?!

If so GOOD NEWS… You can erase those limiting beliefs and replace them with uplifting ones through personal development. Quick backstory on how this works. We are born with only two fears - fear of falling and fear of loud noises. EVERYTHING else is something we have learned. Over the years, our family, friends, teachers, bosses, significant others, etc have told us their opinions - and if we hear something enough we start to think that it is “true”. For example: if you go to school and a teacher tells you that you are an average student, then you get a C and your parents say well that’s average then all of a sudden you are convinced that you are nothing more than average. It is up to US to make sure that we do not let that negative self talk into our minds. Otherwise we will start to think that it is the truth when it isn’t at all. To learn more about Self Talk and the science of neuroplasticity check out Dr. Shad Helmstetter.

This hopefully feels super uplifting and freeing! Next step is to figure out WHAT your limiting beliefs ARE, trace them back to where they came from then erase and create new beliefs ↴


Book Review: The Energy Bus

WOWOWOWOW! I absolutely loved this book. I listened to the Audible version and at first thought it was a bit cheesy. But the more I listened the more it resonated with me. 

I dont want to give too much away but essentially it is all about energy and how what you put out is returned to you 10 fold. So if you are casting out doubt, negativity, scarcity... you will get more of that showing up in your life. If you are bursting with love, joy, positivity... you will get more of that showing up in your life.  This is such a quick and good read - download and listen to ASAP!

Her 10 lessons are the following:

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 10.38.59 AM.png

My Story

My beautiful friend Katy encouraged me to take some time to write out my story. It is the unedited version that doesn’t hide the big bad and ugly bits! The reason why I am not hiding anything is because I finally realized those are actually the pieces of my story that made me who I am today. We all have life changing events, experiences, relationships… but the big question is what did you take from that? 

About 2 years ago, I started feeling really “stuck”. It felt like nothing I was doing was getting me where I wanted to be. It was around this time when I finally listened to my Arbonne mentors and started reading personal development books and getting into a routine. I was impatient at first. A month went by…. I didn’t notice any BIG changes. But I stuck with it because those who have the lifestyle I want were doing personal development DAILY! If you are here… in this “stuck” space just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It takes time, practice and patience to keep going. About a year into practicing personal development daily I started to have some massive Ah-HA moments… My hope is that you can do the same through this exercise and dig deep into your past and see what those rooted fears are, where they are coming from and also how you grew from it! 

My Story


So, here we go! My Story... 

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

I realized I have always played the “victim” in life. Thinking things were unfair or that I was always wronged by someone or something. I was able to trace where that mindset came from recently... I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 4. Trust me I know what you’re thinking because I heard it all the time, “arthritis? Don’t only old people get that?” JRA is a type of arthritis found in children. I remember thinking how unfair it was, I had to leave school when all the other kids were going to after school sports and go to the doctor to get blood taken or therapy to get my joints moving. That is when I started getting used to being a patient, “sick” and weak. However, through those experiences I now have a really strong sense of empathy. I pick up on when people feel uncomfortable, excluded or living in pain. I gravitate towards them and work hard to support and love on them. Through that experience I learned to always have a positive mindset (which is a big thanks to my momma for teaching me that everything is gonna be okay). Through that experience I am brave and courageous and passionate about maintaining my health. 


Hurricane Katrina

My next big life event happened when I was 14... Hurricane Katrina. Being a New Orleans native, this had a massive impact on our lives. Not only did we have to leave home unaware we wouldn't be able to return for months but my sister and I ended up temporarily in New Jersey to live with family while my parents stayed in Baton Rouge to work and try to get back into our home. We were scared, homesick, homeless, bullied in school but the worst bit was feeling like we were a burden to the world. We felt like we were pathetic for wanting to live in a place that was under sea-level. "Why would anyone do that!?" I remember constantly overhearing people talk about how annoying it was that the rest of the States had to help fund the recovery of New Orleans. This was the first (and I guess only) time I felt like a refugee in my own country. We had packed only 1 bag for the weekend, since we thought we were heading back home after the storm. I remember people doing clothing drives, stores giving us extra discounts - which is so nice but also made me feel pathetic. One guy on a plane sitting next to me actually said there's no point to rebuild New Orleans, its just going to keep flooding and people like him will have to come in and save us... Talk about guilt! I loved my city but also felt so sad that others didn't love it or see it the way I did. So many emotions... When I returned back to New Orleans a few months after the storm. My home was gone, we lived with family and at school I was one of about 8 students in my grade who returned. Weird doesn't even describe it. But what came in those months following was intense passion and love for my city. I felt so connected to New Orleans and the people who returned. We were all back because we had so much love and joy and wanted to bring that back. This is when I started volunteering and feeling a tug to serve. Being separated from our parents and having to learn how to deal with emotions like these, both my sister and I learned a strong sense of independence which has carried us so far. Because of Katrina, my family is closer than we have ever been. Because of Katrina, we learned how to collaborate and rebuild a city from *almost* scratch. Because of Katrina, I am passionate about helping others when disaster strikes. 


High School + College Leadership

I feel so grateful that I loved both my High School and College. I felt like a big fish in a small sea. I was given so many opportunities to grow and lead, so I drove right in and my passion to build and create took over. Though I was really proud of myself, I also felt unconnected at times. Like I was a "floater" because I didn't do the same activities or was always volunteering or doing something where I would miss out on an event or party or just hang out time. Self talk was a big issue now when I look back. I had great friends in both high school and college but I would at times convince myself that they didn't want to hang out with me. This of course started a downward spiral where I would tell myself I didn't fit in, when really I was putting that perspective on myself. Looking back on this now, I always pause and take a minute to think "Is this truth? Or am I telling myself something that isn't real?" I was the ultimate people pleaser and have learned now when I need to say no and when I need to protect myself and my headspace from negativity / negative people. So... because of the many activities and roles I played throughout high school and college I learned to see the big picture. I felt the need to create and dream big. I also learned the importance of connecting with others and through self talk that keeping my mind in a positive place was KEY!


Boss Lady

At a previous job, I had one of those no good, very mean bosses who made me feel undervalued and less than. She got into my head and by the time I left this job I was completely convinced that I was "too young" to make a difference in the world. I was "too impatient" and didn't deserve to get paid more because of my age. I would have to "wait" my turn. Because of that mindset I felt so stuck and suppressed. I was in a real rut! However, because of this experience I was able to see that I wanted/needed more out of life than having a boss dictate what I can and cannot do.  I started constantly thinking about the future and what I can do to make it better. I knew I wanted more but wasn't sure how to get there yet. I learned some key skills working there like how to stay organized, the power of networking and how to accommodate. It was this experience that set me off on a personal development journey and if it wasn't for that... I do not know where I would be at the moment! 


Arbonne + Personal Development Journey

After leaving that job (about 1 year into my Arbonne Business) I was feeling "stuck". I was scared that I did this Arbonne thing but had NO IDEA where it was going. I quit my job because I was unhappy but at the same time I felt like my identity was shifting and I wasn't sure who or what I stood for. Luckily Arbonne has the most incredible community and my mentors immediantly encouraged me to start reading and getting into a personal development routine. So I did. I started reading every self help book under the sun. I listened to podcasts and books on tape. I started waking up at 6/6:30 to read, journal and say my affirmations. I know this sounds weird to some, because it did for me at first. But all the leaders that had what I wanted were doing this so I stuck with it. The transformation I have seen in myself / my mindset is incredible when I look back over my story. I am now able to pinpoint where I learned certain mindsets and correct them to what I actually believe vs. what my environment, family or friends taught me. I still consider my journey in its beginning phases. There is so much more to work on and do but its all about consistency! SO! My challenge to you is to try this exercise... Write out big events or things that happened in your life. What did you feel at the time? And what did you learn / find from that? 


EVENT                             FELT                             FOUND



Its okay if it doesn’t all come out at once. Do a little brain dump, meditate, keep a journal near you to scribble what comes to mind, what experiences sadden you? Hurt you? Scared you? What were you feeling during that time? And then what did you learn / how did you grow from that?  Once you get it all out, you will start to look at the *negative* experiences as positive ones because of what came out on the other side. Sending love and courage your way! 



MUST READS for #bossbabes

Personal development was something I used to think was a joke. I believed that professional development was important because, you know... that's what society tells us we SHOULD invest in. It's funny to me that people will spend so much time and money on professional development but really isn't it a waste if they aren't growing personally and learning the tools they need to succeed for themselves FIRST?!

You gotta work on you first, before you work on your business or company or job... This means digging deep down and getting super real with yourself. 

Some of my favorite most eye opening reads from the past 3 years are listed below. There is never a better time to start than NOW! So get yourself a few of these bad boys, set your alarm clock 30 min before you normally wake up - and get some reading in! I promise it will pay off! 

You are a Badass is an awesome book to start with, I also highly recommend her other book - You are a Badass at Making Money!

The Compound Effect was a huge eye opener for me about how one small (seemingly insignificant) change will actually have a massive impact. 

Melissa Ambrosini's Mastering your Mean Girl is all about getting control over that b*$%# in your head who is telling you BS.

Can I just say I have a major #girlcrush on Mel Robbins? The Five Second Rule is a game changer and is something so simple that you can implement IMMEDIATELY in your life. 

Erasing Negatives from your life

We all know the feeling. A family member or close friend who just will not stop complaining and spouting negative energy every time they walk in the room. You've got one of these people in your life, right? 

We feel guilty and obligated to hang out with them, listen to their problems and try to give them the best advice we can think of but they never take any of it to heart or make any concrete changes. Not only is it frustrating but incredibly draining. And is in no way serving you. 

One of my favorite Jim Rohn lines is "You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with." Have y'all ever noticed yourself using words or phrases that your friend or partner says all the time? I do! We are constantly learning and absorbing what we find in our surrounding environment, the good and bad. 

If you are surrounded by people who constantly complain, gossip, always struggle for money, in negative relationships... that will start to register in your mind as normal (aka, truth). No thank you. 

If you are surrounded by people who are constantly challenging you, inspiring you, encouraging you to get outside of your comfort zone.... that will start to register in your mind as normal (aka, truth). Yes please! 

Which of those scenarios is more up your alley?