MUST READS for #bossbabes

Personal development was something I used to think was a joke. I believed that professional development was important because, you know... that's what society tells us we SHOULD invest in. It's funny to me that people will spend so much time and money on professional development but really isn't it a waste if they aren't growing personally and learning the tools they need to succeed for themselves FIRST?!

You gotta work on you first, before you work on your business or company or job... This means digging deep down and getting super real with yourself. 

Some of my favorite most eye opening reads from the past 3 years are listed below. There is never a better time to start than NOW! So get yourself a few of these bad boys, set your alarm clock 30 min before you normally wake up - and get some reading in! I promise it will pay off! 

You are a Badass is an awesome book to start with, I also highly recommend her other book - You are a Badass at Making Money!

The Compound Effect was a huge eye opener for me about how one small (seemingly insignificant) change will actually have a massive impact. 

Melissa Ambrosini's Mastering your Mean Girl is all about getting control over that b*$%# in your head who is telling you BS.

Can I just say I have a major #girlcrush on Mel Robbins? The Five Second Rule is a game changer and is something so simple that you can implement IMMEDIATELY in your life.