Why Golden Milk should be your drink of choice

Lets talk Golden Milk for a sec...  I started drinking golden milk (also known as a turmeric latte) a few months ago just because I liked the taste and *on trend* but it wasn’t until recently I really started looking into the benefits. There are SO MANY... It also doesn't need to be complicated to make. My first few go-rounds I would scramble to find the pepper, turmeric, different measuring spoons... Then I discovered Gaia's GOLDEM MILK POWDER! GAME CHANGER. Gaia is an herbal supplement brand based out of Brevard, NC. They use organic ingredients and I love their brand and ethics. In the ancient branch of medicine Ayurveda, Golden Milk is a tonic the nourishes your body but also tastes DELICIOUS! Gaia's Golden Milk is made with organic Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Black Pepper, Dates, Cardamom and Vanilla.

You can find Gaia's Golden Milk Powder at WholeFoods or on AMAZON. Whisk 1 tsp of this powder into warm non-dairy milk and drink up! Not only is this an anti-inflammatory but it helps ward off toxins in the body and increases your antioxidant capacity. There are about a zillion other reasons why your body will thank you for drinking Golden Milk, those are just a few! 

P.S. For extra froth... blend it!