The Anatomy of a Wedding Welcome Box

This may have been one of my favorite things to plan for my wedding. We had guests coming from all over to join us in Sewanee, TN. Sewanee is a special place to us which is why we chose to get married there, however we wanted to bring a bit of home to the weekend... and there's no better way to do that than through the welcome bags! 

I personally decided to do boxes, but bags work just fine. That is up to you! Traditionally what goes inside? Something from her side, something from his side, some hangover cures, and an itinerary of the weekend festivities. 

Anatomy of a Welcome Box

  1. Something his hometown / his favorite
  2. Something from her hometown  / her favorite

Those are the 2 necessities in a welcome box. If you want to add more you can take it a next step and add something salty and something sweet. And if you are extra kind... something to help with hangovers, etc! 


Her Hometown: 

I grew up in New Orleans - which gave me a ton of options for NOLA goodies to choose from. Some ideas: pralines, root beer, ... I decided on Zapp's Chips because they are ALWAYS a favorite (plus I wanted some extras to snack on). They make it so easy online to "create your own sampler" so we decided on regular and Voodoo flavors! 


His Hometown:

Ian (my now husband) grew up in Birmingham, AL and when we lived there we ALWAYS bought Merry Cheese Crisps from the local grocery stores. They were are go to for dinner parties... Christmas gifts... and now wedding guest gifts! Plus they have a small bag 3oz bag that fix perfectly and comes with 10-12 cheese crisps inside. 


Sweet Snack:

Since we forgot something sweet we decided to include decorated sugar cookies with "Welcome to the Mountain" written on the first one and a forest critter on the second. Each box had 2 cookies (since we were giving 1 box per couple). We had our cookies done in New Orleans by Joan Farrell. 


Hangover Cure: 

I included this because I know how painful the Saturday and Sunday mornings during a wedding can be... Obviously the first thing was Advil. You can order those in bulk on Amazon. I also included two of my Arbonne favorites. Complete Hydration - which is part of the sports supplement line however myself and my friends use these to cure our hangovers. Mix 1 pack into a glass of water and drink. It has tons of antioxidants, vitamins and replenishes electrolytes. Energy Fizz Sticks - these are my go to for an energy boost when I am struggling! They have many flavors, but my favorite is pomegranate. Mix 1 stick into water and the energy lasts 4-5 hours! 


Field Guide: 

I saw this idea on Pinterest and fell in love. Plus for a wedding in the woods, this is just perfect. Ian and I wrote a little welcome and sent my friend Eugenie McLellan (who did all of our graphics) a list of places to eat, shop and explore in Sewanee. She used our fonts and colors so it was consistent with everything and sent us the papers. We then hole punched and used raffia to string them together and make booklets. 


Boxes + Wrapping: 

We ordered 200 boxes from Paper Mart and used raffia from Michales to gift wrap the boxes. We hole punched each of the welcome tags (also done by Eugenie) and tied them onto the front of the box. 


Once all 200 boxes were wrapped (how to package and wrap boxes), I wrote a list of how many boxes were being dropped off at certain houses / hotels. My sister (best maid of honor ever) did a load Thursday morning (for those arriving Thursday) and a load Friday morning (for those arriving Friday / Saturday). It was such a fun process with many helping hands but all the little touches added up and the boxes were definitely a favorite. These welcome boxes set the tone for the weekend and were the absolute best welcome!